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Powerspeed Electrical Limited (PWS.zw)

Powerspeed Electrical is a leading supplier of electrical, hardware, building and home improvement products and services; trading through its own chain of hardware retail outlets known as Electrosales Hardware. The company supplies electrical products and solutions to the painting, plumbing, electrical, building, hand and power tools, outdoor and gardening, and automotive industries in Zimbabwe. Powerspeed Engineering is a subsidiary company involved in rewinding electric motors, supplying industrial fans and ducting for commercial and industrial applications, fabrication of non-standard steel products and structures, and commercial and industrial light fittings, heating elements, distribution boards and domestic irons. The engineering division is the amalgamation of three leading industrial engineering companies; Airflo, Relmo and ELS.

Three Reasons to Consider Investing in Powerspeed Electrical Limited (PWS.zw)

A leading brand for the retail and wholesale supply of all types of hardware and home improvement products through Electrosales Hardware
Through exploiting identified opportunities, we are poised for increasing our footprint in the market, thereby improving our market share
With a long history which began in the 1970’s, Powerspeed Electrical understands the market so well, delivering real value to shareholders
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